More smooth retrieval of papers from outside the university! Integrated search Mecke can be used for Shibboleth authentication(2016/Dec/28)

At Mecke, if you search after authenticationg login・・・
1."Ichushi Web""SCOPUS""JAIRO" search becomes effective in "Articles search"
2.Search results→Access the e-journal fulltext.
3.You can save your search fomula alert results.
Please refer to access by Shibboleth authentication for usage.

Notice of Medical Online Fax Service Stopped(2016/Dec/17)

Please note that the service will be temporarily suspended for both reception and transmission.
December 28 18:00 ~ January 5, 2017 9:00
Full-text download service of document PDF can be used as usual.

You can access the Shibboleth authentication ("JCR" and "ESI)(2016/Dec/16)

These databases are now available from outside the university.
・Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
・Essential Science Indicators (ESI)

12/16 (Fri) Presentation skill up lecture held(2016/Nov/28)

We will have a special lecturer and introduce presentation technique and training method.
Presentation skill up lecture
~ Train the "ability to tell" modeled by the best presentation in the world!
2016/12/16 (Fri) 18: 00-19: 00 <No application required>
at Library AV Room
Instructor Mr. Shun Kobayashi (ProQuest Japan Branch Office)

KPUM Library Support Project "FURUHON BOKIN"(2016/Nov/24)

"Secondhand book 20% UP purchase & postage postcard donation campaign"
We are recruiting donations using old books that have been read.
Written postcards are also eligible for purchase.
・During the two months from December to January.
・A government-made postcard which has been damaged is donated by 50 yen per piece.

【NII Database】Notice of Suspention(2016/Nov/24)

With the inspection of the National Institute of Informatics, services such as CiNii Articles, CiNii Books, KAKEN, JAIRO etc are temporarily suspended.
Stop period: 12/2 (Friday) 17: 00 ~ 12/5 (Mon) 9: 00

Update history of attached library(2016/Nov/22)

We added Recent events on Library General Information> History 
Please look at the history of the last few years, such as starting a new service.

"Old book" and "Digital archive" Exhibition, held in(2016/Oct/25)

Announcement of the bookbinding work.(2016/Oct/14)

You can not use the part of the 2015 issue magazine for binding work.For, some magazines will be the lending and viewing stop.

floor map update(2016/Oct/07)

It renewed the floor map.Learn from the library General Information> floor map.
Number of seats and reservation method of each room, we have provided a link to the application form.

You can access the Shibboleth authentication ( "Cochrane Library" and "J.Clin. Oncol.", etc.)(2016/Oct/04)

New DB and 5 journals is now available from off-campus.
・Cochrane Library
・"American Journal of Physiology"
・"Journal of Applied Physiology"
・"Physiological Reviews"
・"Journal of Clinical Oncology"
・"Applied Linguistics"
(how to use, refer to the access in the Shibboleth authentication)

2 new titles added to "Full-text Digital Archive of Rare Books"!(2016/Oct/04)

We uploaded 2 new titles.Including 'Zouho jutei naika senyo' 'Byogaku Tsuron'. Do take a look. We will be increasing the titles in the future. 

【Bentham Journals】now on free trial(2016/Oct/04)

You can access 2000-2016 journals (medicine,pharmacology, social science), including "Current Pharm Biotech".
title list : there
Trial period : Until December 31 2015. 

You can see the vacancy information(2016/Aug/31)

You can check availability for library facilities on the web.
・Library hall
・Conference room
Please access from  Library General Information> vacancy information 
Tentative reservation does not reflect.
If you want to book, please subscribe to the library counter.

Questionnaire in order to buy the journals in 2017 and books to be recommended to the student(2016/Jul/19)

Details and answer sheet is here.

Exhibitions (theme: Restaurant original book) held in(2016/Jul/19)

Flyer from here. Exhibition book list from here.

You can use AV room(2016/Jul/13)

To resume the AV room from July 14.Book of AV room can be up to the next month.

You can not use AV Room(2016/Jun/22)

You can not use the room until early July for the librarie's renovation.Sorry over the inconvenience

Latest version of Impact Factor released(2016/Jun/17)

2015 version of JCR(Journal Citation Reports)has been released. With this, the latest Impact Factor represents 2015 data.
Access: here

Check-out period of books extended during summer vacation(2016/Jun/15)

Details from here.

List of magazines and databases that are subscribed at the library(2016/May/26)

Click here for details (Campus's only)

KPUM Library Support Project "FURUHON BOKIN"(2016/Apr/13)

We estabrished the collection box.Collection sites MAP

"assessment UP campaign of spring! (April-May)"
Two months(April-May) has been implementing the "assessment UP campaign of spring!"The donation amount is assessed at 20% up.Please provide your books on occasion.
 Click here for details.

You can use the ”Saishin Kango Sakuin Web" from off campus.(2016/Apr/01)

You can now log in with ID / PW authentication . (Campus's only) Please refer to the " password list " .
※ The password to open the password list , please contact the library.

"A workshop of the literature information management software EndNote Basic and EndNote product version" to be held(2016/Mar/18)

Welcomed professional instructors, a workshop will be held the literature information management software EndNote Basic and EndNote product version.
Date&Time: April 19, 2016(Tue) 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: Information Science Practice Room, Basement Floor of Nursing Department
No application required

3 new titles added to "Full-text Digital Archive of Rare Books"!(2016/Mar/15)

We uploaded this time 3 new titles. including `ihoutaiseiron`Do take a look.We will be increasing the titles in the future, too.

"KPUM Library Support Project FURUHON BOKIN" start(2016/Mar/02)

We started "KPUM Library Support Project FURUHON BOKIN".
This project is that the valuation of such as books and DVDs of personal belongings which you sell for a predetermined method are donated for the university as "library support donation".

New arrival of nursing electronic books(2016/Feb/24)

Two books are added to Electronic books>Maruzen eBook Library.
The titles are "Midwifery skills learned by photos" and "Bioethics learned by cartoon".

3 new titles added to "Full-text Digital Archive of Rare Books"!(2016/Jan/25)

We uploaded this time 3 new titles. including `chisokusaibaikamujinzou`Do take a look.We will be increasing the titles in the future, too.

Temporary suspension of repository(2016/Jan/12)

Repository "Kissei" will temporarily stop the service due to the update work of the system.
[Scheduled Suspension Period] January 12, 2016 (Tue) all day

Progect Display (theme: Diet to feed the brain) now opens(2016/Jan/06)

See a flier from here.
See the list of displayed literature from here.

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine institutional repository "Kissei" was launched(2016/Jan/04)

From January 2016, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine institutional repository "Kissei" has launched to the public. Access is here.