Floor Guide

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no.of seats
Facility Utilization
Guide Information
Circulation Counter     check-out & check-in, various applications, related businesses
Entering and Leaving Control System   Library Pass   Library Pass required to enter/Book Detection System
Photocopy Corner   copying is on a self-service basis . application for photocopying required prepaid card system (3 sets), coin-type (1 set) etc.
Information Search Room
KMUM staff & students only booking is not required 5 PC terminals(1 Mac included)
Browsing Room     5 newspapers (2 weeks) etc.
1st Reading Room
  newly arrived journals, western journals issued in 1990 or later
Private Reading Room (5 rooms)
KPUM graduate students and above acceptable from the first day of a previous month booking consecutive six days acceptable
2nd Reading Room
  comparatively new books and reference books
3rd Reading Room
  self-study possible, LAN cable connection available
Seminar Room (2 rooms)
(KPUM staff and students) acceptable from a week earlier for group study (22 seats in total)
Video Room
  booking not required Video booths (4 units for individuals, 2 units for groups)
DVD discs and VHS video cassettes shelved
Lounge     for users to rest (sofa seats available)
AV Room
access from Library Building Lobby to the 2nd floor for lecture meetings and workshops (projection systems like video projectors equipped)
(KPUM staff and students) booking accepted from the 1st day of a previous month
Display Corner   access from Library Building Lobby to the 2nd floor a part of rare books, displays commemorating 100th anniversary year, and so on
Fixed bookshelves     Japanese journals older than new arrivals
Electrically-driven compact stacks
  Japanese journals ~1979, Western journals ~1989, books under old classifications, and other materials
Rare Books   book shelves in a locked room check-in and check-out at Circulation Counter books published in 1912 or earlier, and KPUM related materials.

*A set of OPAC terminal is available in each floor (3 sets in total)
*Photocopiers are available, inclusive of each 1 set at the basement floor and Information Search Room (6 sets in total)

2nd Reading Room
Seminar Room
Entrance Lobby & Circulation Counter
Video Room
1st Reading Room
AV Room
Information Search Room
Display Corners


Fixed Bookshelves