History of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Library

  Christian Year (Era) KPUM library
<Meiji Era>    
  1872(Meiji 5)  
  1875(Meiji 8)  
  1880(Meiji 13)  
  1890(Meiji 23) November: Medical School's library was established on the premises of Ryobyo-in.
  1905(Meiji 38) July: A construction work was completed for a two-storied building that houses a library, a students' lounge, and a students' canteen.
  1909(Meiji 42)  
<Taisho Era>    
  1921(Taisho 10)  
  1926(Taisho 15) April: Kyoto Medical Library owned by Gakuyukai was transferred to KPUM to become KPUM Central Library, which was opened at the second floor of the main building with the Central Library regulations established.
<Showa Era>    
  1929(Showa  4) May: The construction of KPUM Central Library was completed.
  1936(Showa 11) June: The construction of a two-storied wooden building accommodating a library on the second floor and a canteen on the first floor was completed on the premises of premedical course (current Hanazono Campus). 
  1953(Showa 28) April: The title of Library Chief was changed to Library Director
  1954(Showa 29) July: The name of KPUM Central Library was changed to KPUM Library
  1955(Showa 30)  
  1972(Showa 47) January: Regulations of KPUM Library Operating Council were established, and the first operating council was held.
  1974(Showa 49) November: Completion ceremony of Memorial Hall was held to commemorate KPUM's 100th Anniversary Year. With surplus money of the ceremony, holdings of KPUM's students and those for liberal arts at Hanazono branch were upgraded.
  1983(Showa 58) January: On-line document search started, utilizing databases DIALOG and JOIS. 
  1984(Showa 59) September: As part of 110th anniversary year project,maintenance of an audio-visual room, computerisation of checking in and checking out library materials, and expansion of the library holdings were implemented. 
  1986(Showa 61) April: A plan was formulated to construct school buildings for Fundamental Medicine at KPUM campus, as well as KPUM Library, Joint Lecture Hall, and School of Nursing KPUM, etc. at Hirokoji campus.
  1988(Showa 63)  
<Heisei Era>    
  1990(Heisei   2) December: The groundbreaking ceremony for KPUM Library and Joint Lecture Hall was held.
1992(Heisei   4)
 May: The construction of KPUM Library and Joint Lecture Hall was completed.
 May 8: The new annex was opened. (Library's integrated computor sytem started simultaneously)
  1993(Heisei   5) April: With the establishment of College of Medical Technology KPUM, the library of former School of Nursing KPUM was transferred to KPUM Library for integration.
  1994(Heisei   6)  
  1996(Heisei   8)  April: Kyoto Prefectural School of Public Health Nursing was integrated with Division of Nursing, College of Medical Technology KPUM. The holdings of the former were transferred to KPUM Library.
 April: The name of Premed Library was changed to Hanazono Library.
  1997(Heisei   9)  April: The Medline's network service started in KPUM's campus-wide LAN.
  1999(Heisei  11)  April: KPUM Library's Medical Information Network Service aiming at related hospitals was launched by Kyoto Foundation For the Promotion of Medical Science as the operating and business body
 June: "Catalogue of ancient medical books in KPUM Library" was published.
October: General lectures on "How to use library" were given and user training was started.
  2000(Heisei 12)  June: KPUM Library's website opened.
  2001(Heisei 13)  
  2002(Heisei 14)  April: KPUM Library introduced a new entry and departure monitoring system.
  2003(Heisei 15)  
  2004(Heisei 16)
June:Start the lesson cooperation(nursing 3rd grader) 
August: Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was concluded with "Medical Library", and "School of Health Science Library, Faculty of Medicine", Kyoto University.
 August: KPUM Library's web services started.
 September: Delivery of "KPUM Library Email News" started.
  2007(Heisei 19)  
  2008(Heisei 20)
April:Teachers colum start at the "KPUUM Library Email News".
May:Digital archive public start in Rare Books full text archive.
  2009(Heisei 21)
January:Link resolver introduced along with the library system update.
April:Copying bussiness changes to the library from Kyoto Promotion of science.
November:Start provides a valuable document full-text digital archive.
  2010(Heisei 22)
April:Start the lesson cooperation.(medical 4th grader) 
May:Rokr a beverage with a lid.
July:Wireless LAN setting.
September:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Kenji Fukui library director "Spirit of pathology and art -seen from the art and literary works.”
  2011(Heisei 23)
January:Participate in the library system of the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto.
April:Develop a device of the video room
September:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Shinji Fushiki library director "Protect a child's brain-What impact environmental chemicals is.”
  2012(Heisei 24)
January:Link resolver content revision.
March:Library website renewal.
April:Change ILL public expense rules.
April:AV Room Saturday usable.
August:Repair a part of the underground electric bookshelf.
August:Update the entrance gate.
October:Library and joint lecture hall opened 20 anniversary events held.(Event chronology, Popular books introduction, Books reuse market, Travel around the art.)
November: Patient library "hohoemi" open.
December:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Shinji Fushiki library director "Health of aging and brain-To keep also lively and youthful.”
December:After attempts to 15 minutes training sessions, officially start.
  2013(Heisei 25)
January:Library and joint lecture hall opened 20 anniversary events held.(Book I have put near in life.-Dedicated to 20th anniversary.)
February:Set up a book post in the hospital.
March:AV Room equipment maintenance.
March:Reading room floor renovation.
April:Library lecture start.(Medical 1st grader)
August:Some refurbishment of the women's toilet.
October:Migrate the library website to CMS, revised.
October:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Yoshiyuki Watanabe library director "With the aim of prevention of gastric cancer, colorectal cancer-Recommendation of prevention from cancer screening and everyday life."
December:The digital archive of work, rare books full text archive 25 books added. 
  2014(Heisei 26)
April:Change the name from "Library lecture" to "take advantage of academic information."Start the lesson cooperation.(medical 4th and 5th grader) 
August:Since the three universities to start a liberal arts education in the joint, move the books to the "Shimogamo campus" and "Hirokoji campus" from "Hanazono campus".
September:Exhibition the university documents to "Kyoto University Beginning Exhibition".
December:Installation of the 1st floor bookshelf.
  2015(Heisei 27)
January:Library system update.3 libraries(Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archives, Kyoto Prefectural University and Kyoto Prefecturalu University of Medicine) is the start of operation in the joint.
February:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Yoshiyuki Watanabe library director "To extend healthy life expectancy-From Kyoto prefectural  data."
July:Access start with Shibboleth authentication.
November:Integrated search "Mecke" start operation.
December:National Diet Library for digital article transmission service start.
  2016(Heisei 28)
January:Repository "Kissei" published.
February:Cooperation project held with the Kyoto Prefectural Library.Yoshinori Marunaka library director "Diabetes and dementia as seen from the living habits-
Diet to keep the lively brain."
February:Library lesson cooperate.(Nursing 2nd grader)
March:Start KPUM Library support project secondhand book donation.
June:Library lesson cooperate.(Medical 3rd grader for Change curriculum.)
June:Exhibition Corner, part transfer.
June:Librarie's vacancy information provided start.
Posted on October 18, 2016