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November 1872

The Hospital opened on the premises of the Shorenin Temple, soon followed by the initiation of a medical education program.

April 1889 A midwifery School opened as a separate unit attached to the Medical School.
June 1903

The Medical School becomes Kyoto Prefectural Medical College

October 1921

The Medical College is elevated to the status of University, and a pre-medical course is instituted.

March 1955 A two-year Pre-medical Course is  at the University.
March 1957

Graduate School of Medicine opened.

June 1971 Center for Regional Health Service established.
November 1982

Children's Research Hospital completed.

November 1990 Research Center for Neurological Diseases and Geriatrics opened.
July 1992 Completion of the new University Library.
April 2002 School of Nursing installed as a four year program within the University.
April 2003 Restructuring of the Graduate School .
October 2006 Establishment of the Research Promotion Center.
October 2006
Research Center for Preventive Medicine established.
January 2007 Establishment of the Cancer Center
April 2007 Medical Science Master set up in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Nursing for Health Care Science Master set up in the Graduate School for Health Care Sciences.
January 2008 Research Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem-Cell Treatment established.
April 2008 Kyoto Prefectural Public University Corporation established.
October 2011 Pediatric Care Center opened.
January 2014 Establishment of Paliative Care Ward.

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