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Graduate School of Medical Science

The Graduate School for Medical Sciences has a Master’s program and a PhD course. Its goal is to cultivate students to be capable to individually conduct advanced research, and to promote highly-advanced medical technologies.
The Medical Science Master is designed for students with a strong orientation towards medicine from disciplines other than medicine, such as Science, Pharmacology and Engineering. During the two year Master, education in the core of medicine, and the opportunity to develop an individual specialization academically are offered.
There are common courses such as: Introduction to Medicine, and Introduction to Medical Research Methodology. Specialized courses are provided in subjects such as: Pediatrics, and Molecular Cell Physiology. During the first year an individual research theme is set with the supervisor. This theme will be adjusted in the second year to the advancement of the student, and be the subject of the Master’s thesis.
The Integrated Medical Science PhD program is primarily for students with a degree in medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, veterinary medicine or students with a Masters in medicine. However it is possible for students with a Master’s degree from a field of study close to medicine, agriculture, engineering, acupuncture or art to get accepted.  
During the four year program there is a highly specialized instruction based on the individual participants. The program thus offers a large degree of freedom.

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