96 titles of Japanese e-journals are being trialed for limited time.
Access: https://www.webview.ishojp/journal (on campus only)
Trial period:Oct.20

"Japanese e-book 7300title" trial(2022/Aug/08)

"Medical Online"e-book available for a limited time.
         (on campus only)
User guide:click here
Book list:click here
Trial period:Nov.30

"BMJ Best Practice" trial(2022/Jul/01)

Clinical decision support tool provided by BMJ.
Access: click here.
Trial period until Sep.4.
Manual: click here.

"APA PsychInfo" trial(2022/Jul/01)

Psychological literature database provided APA.
Access:click here.
Trial period: Jul.1~Sep.30

"NEJM Evidence" trial(2022/Jun/28)

A new journal "NEJM Evidence" has been launched by the Massachusetts Medical Sosiety.
Access click here.
Trial period:Sep.30 2022.

Kenkyu-sha online dictionary(2021/Sep/28)

The service 25 dictionaries of Kenkyu-sha all at once on internet.
ID/Password are listed here.
Password is required to open the list. Please contact the library.
Trial period until October 31st. trial access in progress(2021/Aug/06)

We are offering 94 electronic journals from 12 Japanese publishers on a trial basis.
Access click here. Trial period Sep.30.

Japanese 6700 ebook trial(2021/Jul/05)

All books from "Medical Online ebooks library" will be available for 4 months.
Access:>ebook  List of book: click here  Trial period:July1-Oct.31

"MedOne Plastic Surgery" trial.(2021/May/12)

"MedOne Plastic Surgery" an online learning tool specializing in the field on plastic surgery is being offerd as a trial.The trial period is until Jul.12.

"MedOne Neurosurgery" trial.(2021/May/12)

"MedOne Neurosurgery" an online learning tool specializing in the field on neurosurgery is being offered as a trial.The trial period is Jul.12.

Kenkyusha Online Dictionary Search Service(2020/Nov/16)

You can search 17 dictionaries of Kenkyusha + 5 optional dictionaries including "Medical English-Japanese Dictionary" on the Internet at once.
◆URL here
◆ID and Password are listed in the password list.(To open the list, password is required.Please contact the Library)
◆Trial period until 2021/1/31(Sun)

ProQuest 180,000 e-books are available for trial(2020/Sep/04)

We are offering a trial of Academic Complete, which has collected 180,000 electronic books.
It can be downloaded for each chapter and can be used offline.
Period: -2020/Nov/15 (Sun)

JoVE Science Education Video Free release until the end of December(2020/Sep/04)

Educational videos for online lessons are available for free.
 ◆ JoVE Science Education (series by field)
 ◆ JoVE Core (Video Textbook)
 ◆ JoVE Lab Manual (Experimental Protocol Collection)
     (On-campus only. Can be used by registering an individual account from off-campus)
     Period: -2020/Dec/31 (Sun)

Trial of 42 magazines such as "Endoscopy"(2020/Aug/03)

Trial provided of Thieme Medical Package.
You can access 42 medical journals such as "J Reconstructive Microsurg".
Access :
Title : here
Trial period : 2020/8/1 (Sat) - 2020/10/31 (Sat)

Asahi Shimbun "Kikuzo II Visual" trial(2020/Jul/30)

◎ Asahi Shimbun ◎ Weekly Asahi ◎ AERA ◎ Chiezo ◎ People database ◎ Historical photo archive ◎ Asahi graph ◎ English news etc. can be accessed.
Access :  *Up to 2 access only on campus
ID and password : Please see the password list
Trial period : 2020/8/1 (Sat) - 2020/9/30 (Wed)

eReview self-learning(2020/Jul/07)

The library holds accounts and passwords for 20 teachers and 300 students.
Please make a request to the library (libe@koto...).
Manual: Students  Teachers  Video
Period: 2020/8/2 (Sun)
■eReview Assesment
  Basic, CBT, national exam, USMLE, US Family Medicine with a wide range of specialist-level problems.
  (Over 30,000 questions)
■eReview Foundation
  Basic 7 subjects Japanese textbook
■Simultaneous test
  Application form:

2020 latest version of "Visual Biology" available for trial(2020/Jun/22)

The latest 2020 version of the 3D human anatomy model "Visual Biology" is available for trial.
PC (on campus): Here → Recommended browser Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox
PC (off-campus): Here *Password required.
Period: 2020/7/19(Sun)
mobile: Application download site
        *When launching from off-campus, a separate UserName/Password is required.
         The library holds passwords for 120 people.Please contact the library.
Mobile version trial period: 30 days from the date of activation.

Nursing Reference Center Plus(2020/Jun/17)

You can see the latest information useful in clinical practice.
・Latest nursing information on diseases and symptoms.
・Demonstration video
・Image document
・Drug information
・E-books etc.

Grant's Atolas of Anatomy Video!(2020/Jun/09)

A high-resolution video explains the procedure for anatomy practice that using the Grant method.
 Piriod: 2020/8/8/(Sat)
         [Student Resources]→[Watch & Learn videos]
 *Not available from outside the university.

Learn dissection practice at home!(2020/Jun/09)

Distance learning electronic resources .Currently in trial.
 Piriod: 2020/8/5/(Wed)
 Access: here
         *ID and password are required for use from outside the university.
         ( Password list *Contact the library for the password to open the list.)
 1.LWW Health Library Premium Basic Sclences Collection
   Electronic textbook platform.
   Access: here → Access to LWW Hearth Library. → Click[Texts]
 2.Acland's video Atlas of Human Anatomy.
   Human anatomy video all 5 volumes
 3.Bates Visual Guid
   Body observation video guide.
 4.5 Minute Consult
   Clinical reference textbook.
   Infectious disease/epidemiological diagnosis database.

Watch video on Nursing Channel(2020/May/29)

Video materials that effectively carry out active learning such as meal assistance and disaster nursing.
Member registration required: First, you need to register as a member from "New registration".
License key: Listed in the password list.
Reference: User's guide
Period: Until June 30, 2020 (Tue)

Video materials until the end of June(2020/Apr/30)

You can view "Education Video Online", a teaching material distribution service for medical and nursing care issued by Maruzen Publishing Co., Ltd. for a limited time.
19 series including trainee consultation procedures (10 titles in total), latest basic nursing technology series (24 titles in total)
Period: Until the end of June 2020
Login name / password: listed in the password list.

【Nurse National Examination Web by System】【e-nurse trainer】Free release.(2020/Apr/30)

A database for national trial measures that contains past 15 years of past questions, simulated questions, explanations of answers, and reference materials
[E-nurse trainer]
Includes nursing technology videos (491) and books (14)
Access: From here
Period: Until May 31, 2020 (Sun)

"Internal Medicine" "Surgery" "Orthopedics" "Separate Orthopedics" "Chest Surgery" "Cancer Nursing" Period limitation delivery.(2020/Apr/30)

You can browse online journals.
Access from off-campus is possible by the Chevrolet certification (GakuNin).
How to use: here
Period: Until May 31, 2020 (Sun)

Access nursing papers with CINAHL Complete.(2020/Apr/30)

You can access the top-level version of CINAHL, a database of papers in the field of nursing, for a limited time. Nursing dissertations, healthcare books, and full dissertations from 1360 are available.
How to use: Click here
Period: Until June 30, 2020(Tue)

【JoVE】【Science Education】Trial in(2018/Aug/10)

We are in the trial of a scientific video journal "JoVE" and "Science Education". You can learn the operation procedure to learn the experiment method with video.
◆Trial period:until 2018/10/2(Tue)

【DynaMed Plus】trial(2017/Oct/01)

[DynaMed Plus] is a higher version of [DynaMed] that we offer.
The search function has been improved, articles on the recommendation degree, images have been added.
Access destination: DynaMed Plus
Usage guide: here
Trial period: until March 31, 2018 (6 months)
* Accessible from outside the campus by Shibboleth authentication

【Web of Science】 trial(2017/Oct/01)

We are now offering three files of "Web of Science Core Collection"(Science Citation Index Expanded + Social Sciences Citation Index + Arts & Humanities Citation Index) as a trial
Access : Web of Science
Quick referenve guide : click here
Trial period : Nov.30(2months)
Please also cooprate with the questionaire Questionaire form : click here (deadline : Dec 3)

【Medical Online ebooks library】trial(2017/Jul/01)

You can read over 3,000 Japanese books.
Title list: click here
Guide: click here
Accessed from: Medical Online book
Trial period: ~10/31/2017 (Tue)

E-nurse trainer(2017/Apr/01)

We are now offering a database "e-nurse trainer" for training of new nurses who plus technical videos in 14 nursing books published by Igaku Shoin.
Access : here (login to "e-nurse trainer" from the Igaku Shoin platform)
Period: 1 month (until April 30)

【DynaMed Plus】 now on free trial(2015/Oct/08)

Upper level version of DynaMed has been released. With this, now on free trial.
Trial period ; Until December 31, 2015

【Pier Online]now on free trial(2015/Sep/11)

You can read 49 pharmaceutical nursing-related magazines such as "Latest medicine", "surgical", "internal medicine" that is issued in the country.
◆ID・PW:Access the password list.
(please contact us to library for password to open the PDF.)
◆Trial period;Until Sep 30, 2015

【KENKYUSYA ONLINE DICTIONARY search service】now on free trial!(2015/Jul/22)

◆You can search Kenkyusya's 17 dictionary + Daijirin including "Medical English-Japanese Dictionary" in the Internet .
◆ID・PW:Access the password list.
  (please contact us to library  ( password to open the PDF.)
◆Trial period;Until Sep  30, 2015

【Henry Stewart Talks-The Biomedical and Life Science Collection】now on free trial(2015/Jun/29)

Such as the Nobel Prize winner, the researchers lecture the world's leading online!
◆More than 1,500 video talk. English subtitles Allowed
◆ user's guide (PDF) is here
◆Trial period;Until December 31, 2015

【Lexicomp Online】 now on free trial(2015/Feb/13)

you can search 3types of chemical information and clinical tool.
please contact us to library  ( password to open the PDF.
Trial period;Until March  31, 2015

【Medical Online Ebook Library】 now on free trial(2015/Feb/04)

You can access Japanese books  titles of more than 2000 
(Medicine, Nursing Science, Nutrition.)
Title list: here.
Access:  Medical Online. from tab of Ebooks.

【Springer Protocols】 now on free trial(2014/Dec/13)

Protocol collection, to cover the experimental field of life science.
click, here

【Future Science Group】 now on free trial(2014/Nov/10)

you can access  35 magazines ,incloding 「Future」series.
           Future medicine collection.
Trial period;Until February  1, 2015

【BENTHAM Journals】 now on free trial(2014/Nov/10)

you can access  120 journals  (medicine, pharmacology, social science ), including 「Current Pharm Biotech」
access, title list : here
Trial period ; Until January 31, 2015

【Medical Online Ebook Library】 now on free trial(2014/Oct/29)

You can access Japanese books  titles of more than 1500 
(Medicine, Nursing Science, Nutrition.)
Title list: here.
Access:  Medical Online. from tab of Ebooks.

【Thieme eNeurosurgery】 Now on free trial (2014/Feb/19)

The trial of this time is going on with electronic resources that
cover neurosurgical areas comprehensively. Operational procedures,
electronic books, electronic journals, images and videos
are provided.
◆Trial period: 2014/4/30

【The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection】now on free trial(2013/Nov/01)

You can attend  online classes of researchers who are leading the world, including Nobel Prize winners.
◆URL :
◆ID・PW:Access the password list.
◆Trial period: until January 31, 2014

[Thieme Clinical Collections] now on free trial(2013/Aug/08)

Included are illustrations, clinical photos, high-resolution radiological images and so on.
Included titels:Title list, 2013 Frontlist
Trial period:Until September 30, 2013

[Cell Press campaign] now on free trial(2013/Aug/02)

Cell Press provides, on a free trial basis, all the dissertations featured in their publications including the latest issues of "Cell Stem Cell","Immunity","Neuron" and "Cell Metabolism". 
Cell Press HP: 
Journal list: Access from here.
(A search from the electronic journal search window of this library's website can hit the targeted contents)
Trial period: until September 30, 2013

[RSC eBook Collection] now on free trial(2013/Jun/04)

You can access electronic books issued by Royal Society of Chemistry, including "Air Quality in Urban Environments".
List of titles:
Use conditions:50 downloads possible in a month
Trial period:Until July 31

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support" restarts free trial(2013/Jun/04)

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support (Today's Clinical Medicine Support)" is an on-line clinical support tool provided by Elsevier. It covers clinical information conforming to the Japanese practice guidelines.
* Trial Period : until June 22 (Sat), 2013
* URL: 
* Access: ID/PW and institution codes are shown on Password List. If you don't know the password to open the Password List, send an email to KPUM Library (

[RSC Journal] now available on free trial(2013/May/02)

You can access 43 journals issued by Royal Society of Chemistry, including "Chemical Communications".
Titles included: Click here 
Trial period: until July 31

Thieme Journal now available on free trial(2013/May/01)

You can access 33 medical journals including "Seminars in Plastic Surgery".
Title List & Access: Click here.
Trial Period: Until July 31

[Maney Publishing] now on free trial(2013/Apr/18)

You can access all the journals (around 165 titles) of Maney Publishing. Apart from the medical field journals like "Redox Report", "Speech, Language and Hearing" and etc., publications on a variety of academic disciplines such as engineering, literature and so on are also included.
Trial Period: Until July 10, 2013

MEDLINE Complete and CINAHL Complete now on free trial(2013/Apr/15)

They are medical and nursing databases for academic dissertations. Covered are 2100 and 1500 journals on each database including "Gerontologist" and "J.Midwifery & Women's Health" and so on. 
Covered Titles:
Trial Period: By the end of July, 2013

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support" now on a free trial!(2013/Mar/05)

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support (Today's Clinical Medicine Support)" is an on-line clinical support tool provided by Elsevier. It covers clinical information conforming to the Japanese guidelines. While this trial does not necessarily presuppose our future purchase, do take advantage of this opportunity. 
* Trial Period : until March 31, 2013 (re-extended)
* URL: as from March 1)
* Access: ID/PW and institution codes are shown on Password List. If you don't know the password to open the Password List, send an email to KPUM Library (

Bentham Science Publishers' electronic journals now on trial(2013/Feb/04)

Bentham Science Publishers is an international academic publisher that provides the latest information in the disciplines including biomedicine, medicine, engineering, science technology, computers, and social science. At the moment, 117 electronic journals are accessible. While this trial does not presuppose our future purchase, do take advantage of this opportunity. 
Trial Period: February 4 to May 4, 2013 (3 months)
URL: (Login by IP address) 
Titles: Current Pharmaceutical Design, Current Medicinal Chemistry, and etc. Click here to take a look.

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support" now on a free trial!(2013/Feb/01)

"Konnichi no Rinsho Support (Today's Clinical Medicine Support)" is an on-line clinical support tool that provides information, required at on-the-spot clinical practices, including the evidence-based overview on diseases and symptoms, diagnoses and treatment policies. It covers clinical information conforming to the Japanese guidelines. In this trial, around 230 contents are accessible (all in Japanese). While this trial does not necessarily presuppose our future purchase, do take advantage of this opportunity. 
* Trial Period : until February 28, 2013 (extended)
* URL:"Konnichi no Rinsho Support")
* Access: The ID/PW is shown on Password List. If you don't know the password to open the Password List, send an email to KPUM Library (

Medical literature search service "Medical Online" now on free trial!(until August 17)(2012/Jun/18)

You can search and read the latest issues and back numbers of Japanese medical electronic journals (more than 900 titles). Broad fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing, nutriology, medical technologies are covered including "Gekkan Nursing"(Monthly Nursing), "Gan to Kagakuryouhou"(Cancer and Chemotherapy), "Shonika Shinryou"(Pediatric Practice). Database "Kusuri"(Drugs) and "Product"(Medical products) are also accessible. While this trial does not necessarily presuppose our future purchase, do take advantage of this opportunity. 
◆Trial Period: From June 18 to August 17, 2012 (2 months)

Medical and Nursing database "Medical Finder" now on free trial(Until June 30)(2012/May/31)

"Medical Finder" is a website of electronic journals published by Igaku Shoin. You can read full text articles of 34 Japanese journals including "Kokyu to Junkan (Aspiration and Circulation)", "Seishin Kango (Psychiatric Nursing)". It covers from the back numbers in the past 9 years (from 2003 onwards) to the latest literature.
*Trial period: June 1 to 30, 2012 (30 days)

44 RSC journals now on free trial(2012/May/01)

Forty-four chemistry journals published by RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) can be accessed for 90 days. (Inauguration issues that have been released previously are also included)
Access: (A search is scheduled to hit the contents from E-Journal Search Window, too)
Period: 2012/5/1~7/31

"UpToDate" online version now on a free trial(2011/Dec/14)

"UpToDate" is an evidence-based clinical support database. Specific answers to clinical queries can be obtained. This online trial is available for the KPUM affiliates until the end of this fiscal year. While it is not on condition of our purchase, give it a try taking this opportunity. So far "UpToDate" has been accessible by DVD version inside this library. However from March 2012 onwards, it will not be accessible in this library, because DVD version will be discontinued. Please understand the situation and make an effective use of this trial. 
[Simultaneous access number] unlimited
[Manual] UpToDate Site Licence Online Manual (PDF)
[Trial period] Until the end of March, 2012

Database of The Yomiuri Shinbun articles called "Yomidasu History Museum" now available for a free trial !(2011/Nov/04)

You can search and view about 11 million articles ranging from the inaugural issue of the 7th year of the Meiji Period (1874) to the latest one. In addition to the search in the Daily Yomiuri published in English and in the Modern Who's Who, "Article clipping function", "Japanese to Japanese/English to Japanese/Japanese to English Dictionaries","Imidasu Terminology Function" and "Yomidasu Dictionary Function" are also available. 
Search Screen: (accessible only from PC terminals connected to KPUM LAN)
Trial Period: until December 31(Sat), 2011

[Adis International Collection now on a free trial](2011/Sep/05)

This is a package of 20 journals covering clinical pharmacology,drug research,and therapeutics in detail.
Trial Period: 2011/9/5-11/3
Collection Catalogue:

[Cambridge Books Online Excellence in E-Publishing now on a free trial](2011/Sep/01)

Online electronic books published by Cambridge University Press, covering subjects from all disciplines across science, technology and medicine, as well as humanities and social sciences.
◆Trial Period:2011/9/1-9/30

【Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology Online now on a free trial】(2011/Sep/01)

"Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology" series is now available on line, inclulding essential information on the prescription of psychotherapeutic drugs, psychopharmacological research,and new drugs development. 
・Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology
・The Prescriber's Guide
・Stahl's Illustrated Series
◆Trial Period:2011/9/1-9/30

[Cancer and Chemotherapy now on a free trial](2011/Sep/01)

Full text articles published in 2004 and onwards including latest issues are accessible 
◆Trial Period:9/1-9/30

[Oxford Medical & Nursing Handbooks Online now on a free trial](2011/Jun/21)

Oxford's medical handbook series. Useful on-line reference books for medical school students.
Trial period: until August 16, 2011 Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme
Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Adult Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia
Oxford Handbook of Cancer Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Cardiac Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Cardiology
Oxford Handbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Skills in Adult Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery
Oxford Handbook of Complementary Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Diabetes Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Dialysis
Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Emergency Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes
Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Oxford Handbook of Gastrointestinal Nursing
Oxford Handbook of General Practice
Oxford Handbook of Genetics
Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV and AIDS
Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence
Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences
Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Midwifery
Oxford Handbook of Musculoskeletal Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Neonatology
Oxford Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension
Oxford Handbook of Neurology
Oxford Handbook of Neuroscience Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing
Oxford Handbook of Nursing Older People
Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Oxford Handbook of Oncology
Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology
Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics
Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care
Oxford Handbook of Perioperative Practice
Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy
Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry
Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice
Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning
Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Nursing
Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology
Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine
Oxford Handbook of Urology
Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing

[Oxford Medical Textbooks Online now on a free trial](2011/Jun/21)

This trial includes the 5th edition of Oxford's clinical medicine textbooks. Comprehensively cover clinical management, prevention, basic science, clinical treatment, and infectious diseases.
Trial period: until August 16, 2011 Oxford Textbook of Medicine
Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine
Oxford Textbook of Public Health
Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics

[Oxford Emergencies-in series now on a free trial](2011/Jun/21)

Trial period: until August 16, 2011 

Emergencies in Adult Nursing
Emergencies in Anaesthesia
Emergencies in Cardiology
Emergencies in Clinical Medicine
Emergencies in Clinical Radiology
Emergencies in Clinical Surgery
Emergencies in Oncology
Emergencies in Palliative Care
Emergencies in Primary Care
Emergencies in Respiratory Medicine
Emergencies in Trauma
Head, Neck and Dental Emergencies

[AMA Manual of Style Online now on a free trial](2011/Jun/21)

Published by American Medical Association. It is the manual to write and contribute dissertations to medicine or science journals. The alterations of style policy are highlighted. 
Trial period: until August 16, 2011

[Nature Climate Change now on a free trial](2011/Jun/17)

This journal, first published in April 2010, takes up climate changes, biogeochemistry,and ecology etc. The interaction between a climate and a society as well as environment management etc. are also discussed.
Period: 6/16-8/16

[Full collection of Oxford journals now available on a free trial access](2011/May/24)

You can access the full collection (228 titles in total) of Oxford electronic journals ranging from medicine and life science to mathematics, physics, cultural science, study of law, and social sciences.
Available publication years: from 1996 up to latest issues
Trial period: until August 22, 2011 (Mon)

[Net Dictionary now available on a free trial access](2011/May/13)

This is provided by Igaku-Shoin. Across-the-board search is possible for their "Great Medical Dictionary","Great Nursing Dictionary", "Physical Therapy Dictionary"and "Pocket English-Japanese dictionary".

Trial Period: until June 15 (Wed), 2011

[Curative Drug Manual now available on a free trial access](2011/May/13)

This is the on-line version of Igaku-Shoin's "Curative Drug Manual" which is a data book of curaive drugs with related information and clinical comments.

Trial Period: until June 15 (Wed), 2011

Free trial of Procedures CONSULT extended(2011/Jan/06)

Elsevier provides a database that is based upon clinical procedures reference solutions and compiled in Japanese under the supervision of U.S.hospitals including Harvard University's. It presents preparations, practical procedures and post-procedure cares by videos, animations and texts. As of January 4, 2011, some 100 procedures are accessible with continually added new contents like Nasogastric Intubation, Central Venous Catheterization:Internal Jugular Approach, among others. 

Trial period: until March 31, 2011 (re-extended)
*Smartphone versions (iPhone/Andoroid) are available, too. Email to if interested.