3rd reading room

It is a room suitable for self study.
Facing Kawaramachi Street, the Kyoto Prefectural Medical University Hospital will be in front of you.
There are 38 seats of reading seats.
You can also bring your own PC and connect by wireless or wired LAN.
As a study room for students etc, this room is only extended at night from 2017.
We are opening Sunday from 2018. *For KPUM members only.
Opening time
Weekday night extension  21:00-23:00
Saturday night extension 18:00-23:00
Sunday opening room 10:00-18:00
(Except for New Year's holiday and public holidays)
【Weekday/Saturday night】
[Use Procedure]
①You will move to 3rd Reading room 5minits before the closing time of the library.
②Until 23:00, You can leave the electric lock on the east entrance door on the 1st floor of the library.
③When leaving the room, please write the note(department,grade,name and leaving time.
・It is not possible to enter the room after 21:00.
・Please be aware tha you can not enter the room again after leaving the room at night.Furthermore, after 23:00 lock the entire building and you will not be able to leave anymore, so please be careful.
・Library materials are required to borrow by the closing time.If you need to bring in materials that you must not forcibly borrow, be sure to return it to the book track when you leave.
[Use Procedure]
①East entrance(along Kawaramachi Street) on the 1st of the Library building is the entrance.You call the library staff at the interphone.
②Present library card or student identification card to staff and enter the room.
③Please write your Affiliation・Grade・Name in the application form of the reception desk.
④You can leave anytime.Operate and unlock the electric lock of the entrance door of the 1st floor by yourself.To re-enter the room, the procedure of ①② is necessary again.
・Please be aware that library card or student ID card is required for use. 
★As with other reading rooms, Pet bottles with caps can be brought in, but otherdrinks and food can not be brought in.If you want to eat etc., Please go to entrance hall2 on the 1st floor.Also please take garbage home.
★Sometimes it is closed due to a disaster such an earthquake or typhoon.
★Please use the South side of Kawaramachi campus for the bicycle parking area.
★Please manage your valuables by themselves.
★Depending on future usage such as rule violation or theft, night extension, Sunday opening room may be canceled.Please understand and cooperate as we strive to comply with compliance.