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Dental Medicine

Subject Dental Medicine
Clinical Professor
Narisato Kanamura
Lecturer: Toshiro Yamamoto
Assistant Professor: Takeshi Amamiya, Fumishige Osako, Masaru Nishigaki
Research Contents
  • Research into the relationships between oral diseases and systemic diseases (diabetes, obesity etc).
  • Regenerative surgery for oral diseases using the amniotic membrane.
  • Pathologic conditions of the mechanical stress and periodontal pathogens on periapical and periodontal lesions.
  • Study of the infection to periodontal infection (apical periodontitis, marginal periodontitis) by medical transplantation.
  • Epidemiological involvement of smoking in periodontal diseases.
As the dental department of a medical university, we are are not limited to our own department. We work together with other departments through joint research, with as central theme the exploration of the “association of the oral cavity with systemic disorders”.
  In the field of basic medicine, we are conducting joint studies on the “pathologic conditions of periapical and periodontal lesions” with the Departments of Immunology, Microbiology, Orthopaedics, and Pathology. On the “epidemiological involvement of smoking and metabolic syndrome in periodontal diseases, relationship between cerebral microbleeds and oral bacteria” we cooperate with the Department of Health Science and Preventive Medicine. And there is a joint study with the Department of Physiology on the "analysis of taste" and "circadian rhytm and tooth formation".
  In the field of clinical medicine, we are engaged in joint research on “regenerative surgery for oral diseases using the amniotic membrane” with the Department of Ophthalmology. On the “relationships between periodontal diseases and diabetes” with the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism. And on the "relationship between oral bacteria and Kawasaki disease" with the Department of Pathology.  
  Concerning regenerative medicine, with a subsidy for highly-advanced medicine granted by the university, we developed a cultured human oral epithelial cell sheet based on the amniotic membrane, clinically applied it to epithelium-deficient cases, and obtained favorable results.  As for the relationships between periodontal diseases and diabetes, we are providing periodontal treatment for diabetic patients to help them to more effectively control their blood glucose levels.
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