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General Thoracic Surgery

Study General Thoracic Surgery
Professor, Masayoshi Inoue
Associate Professor, Junichi Shimada
Lecturer, Daisiro Kato
Assistant Professor, Hiroaki Tsunezuka, Satoru Okada
Research Contents
  • Mechanism of PD-1 and PD-L1 reaction in malignant thymic epithelial  tumor
  • Novel sclerotherapy using ethanol-releasing polymer for small lung cancer 
  • Touch panel surgical navigation system for intuitive endoscopic surgery
  • Surgical instrument using porous polymer resin for less invasive surgery
  • Mechanism of paclitaxel resistance-associated protein in lung cancer cells
  • Mechanism of low-dose aspirin on inhibiting pleural adhesion in rat model
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  • United States Patent: 8,734,431 Remote control system, Inventors: Shimada Junichi (Kyoto, JP), Nishikawa Atsushi (Ikoma, JP), Assignee: Yanchers Inc. (Kyoto, JP), May 27, 2014, Appl. No.: 12/308,380, Filed: June 15, 2007.

602-8566 Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Kajii-cho,
Kawaramachi-Hirokoji, JAPAN