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Respiratory Molecular Medicine

Subject Respiratory Molecular Medicine
Koichi Takayama
 Associate Professor    Junji Uchino
 Lecturer                    Tadaaki Yamada
 Assistant Professor     Yoshiko Kaneko
 Assistant Professor     Nobuyo Tamiya
Research Contents

Clinical research
1. Endoscopic treatment
2. Medical thoracoscopy
3. Chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer
4. Chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced lung cancer
5. Target therapy for advanced lung cancer
6. Biomarker for lung cancer
7. Treatment for Asthma
8. Treatment for COPD
9. Diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome
10. Bronchial embolization for refractory pneumothorax


Experimental research
1. Mechanism of acute lung injury development
2. Mechanism of obstructive lung disease development
3. Mechanism of interstitial lung disease development
4. Mechanism of lung cancer development
5. Mechanism of cancer-associated cachexia
6. Liquid biopsy for lung cancer
7. Novel therapeutic approach for lung cancer
8. Immunotherapy of lung cancer

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