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Division of Pediatric Nursing

Subject Pediatric Nursing
Associate Professor :Kiyomi Harada
Lecturer :Yoshiko Babaguchi
Assistant Professor:Miku Yamaguchi
Research Contents
Pediatric nursing is aimed not only at children with illnesses and disabilities, but also at all health levels and families in various places such as homes and schools. We are exploring support that is appropriate for the developmental stage and health stage of family members.
Research has recently been conducted into: the effects of low birth weight, accident prevention measures for child safety and childhood cancer and nutrition, and a support for children with disabilities who have medical devices and live at home.
We are also engaged in research aimed at the needs of decision-making among adolescents and adolescents, parenting and parenting of parents, and enhancement of medical care.
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e-mail: etsuyo@koto.kpu-m.ac.jp
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602-8566 Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Kajii-cho,
Kawaramachi-Hirokoji, JAPAN