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Department of Psychiatry

Subject Department of Psychiatry
Jin Narumoto
Associate Professor
Hiroshi Kamimura, Toshiyuki Tominaga
Takashi Nakamae, Teruyuki Matsuoka, Takanobu Yoshii, Keisuke Shibata
Assistant Professor
Nobutaka Ayani, Naoko Iida, Junko Ono, Yoshinari Abe, Yuka Kato, Daisuke Ueno, Riki Kitaoka, Kaeko Nakamura, Yuki Mizuhara, Yoshiyuki Nakajima,
Yoshiko Yamashita
Research Contents
 Clinical Research
- Clinical research on social function in patients with eating disorder and mental manifestation of patients with neurodevelopmental disorder
- Clinical research using neuropsychological and neuroimaging approaches in the older people with dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms
- Clinical research on decision-making support, economic activity support, and fraud victim in the older people
- Clinical research on novel pharmacotherapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder
- Patient safety and quality research in psychiatric inpatients, general hospital inpatients seen by liaison psychiatric services and nursing home residents.
- Research on clinical features and evaluation method of severity in patients with somatic symptom disorder
Basic research
- Neuroimaging and histological researches using animal models such as genetic depression model and PTSD stress model
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