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Department of Biology

Department of Biology / Developmental Neurobiology
Professor Katsuhiko Ono
Associate Professor  Tadashi Nomura
Assistant Professor  Hitoshi Gotoh
Research Contents
The central nervous system (CNS) controls various animal behaviors and internal functions of animal body. The morphological basis of the brain or CNS function is neural circuit and histological architecture. To understand how the CNS functions, it is important to know how the brain is formed during its development.
 Main research interest in our lab lies on neural development, especially cell migration, neural circuit formation and glial development. We are also studying Evolution of CNS, especially focused on formation of the cerebral cortex. We employed morphological methods such as immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization to study CNS morphogenesis. In addition, the electroporation and virus vector methods are used for transfection of exogenous genes to label a specific neural cell group and also to perform loss-of- and gain-of-function studies.
We welcome young grad students, in both master and doctor courses, to study the above-mentioned contents. Please contact to Dr. Katsuhiko Ono (e-mail address and phone number below).
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Tel: 81-75-465-7661; FAX 81-75-465-7651
HP  http://www.f.kpu-m.ac.jp/y/biology/index_english.html

602-8566 Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Kajii-cho,
Kawaramachi-Hirokoji, JAPAN