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Division of Molecular Cell Physiology

Subject Division of Molecular Cell Physiology


Akiyuki Taruno

Assistant Professor             Kengo Nomura
Assistant Professor             Shogo Soma
Project Researcher             Tatsuro Murakami
Research Contents
1.Kashio M, Wei-Qi G, Ohsaki Y, Kido MA, Taruno A*(corresponding author). CALHM1/CALHM3 channel is intrinsically sorted to the basolateral membrane of epithelial cells including taste cells. Sci Rep 9; 2681, 2019.
2.Taruno A*(corresponding author).ATP release channels. Int J Mol Sci 19; 808, 2018.
3.Ma Z#, Taruno A#(Co-first author), Ohmoto M, Jyotaki M, Lim JC, Miyazaki H, Niisato N, Marunaka Y, Lee RJ, Hoff H, Payne R, Demuro A, Parker l, Mitchell C, Henao-Mejia J, Tanis JE, Matsumoto I, Tordoff MG, Foskett JK. CALHM3 is essential for rapid ion channel-mediated purinergic neurotransmission of GPCR-mediated tastes. Neuron 98; 547-561, 2018.
4.Taruno A*(corresponding author), Sun H, Nakajo K, Murakami T, Ohsaki Y, Kido M, Ono F, Marunaka Y. Post-translational palmitoylation controls the voltage gating and lipid raft association of CALHM1 channel. J Physiol 595; 6121-6145, 2017.
5.Taruno A*(corresponding author), Kashio M, Sun H, Kobayashi K, Sano H, Nambu A, Marunaka Y. Adeno-associated virus-mediated gene transfer into taste cells in vivo. Chem Senses 42; 69-78, 2017.
6.Taruno A*(corresponding author), Marunaka Y. Hypotonicity activates a voltage-dependent membrane conductance in N2a neuroblastoma cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 482; 331-335, 2017.
7.Nomura T, Taruno A#(Co-first author), Shiraishi M, Nakahari T, Inui T, Sokabe M, Eaton DC, Marunaka Y. Current-direction/amplitude-dependent single channel gating kinetics of mouse pannexin 1 channel: a new concept for gating kinetics. Sci Rep 7; 10512, 2017.
8.Ma Z, Tanis JE, Taruno A, Foskett JK. Calcium homeostasis modulator (CALHM) ion channels. Pflugers Arch 468; 395-403, 2016.
9.Taruno A*(corresponding author), Matsumoto I, Ma Z, Marambaud P, Foskett JK. How do taste cells lacking synapses mediate neurotransmission? CALHM1, a voltage-gated ATP channel. BioEssays 35; 1111-1118, 2013.
10.Taruno A, Vingtdeux V, Ohmoto M, Ma Z, Dvoryanchikov G, Li A, Adrien L, Zhao H, Leung S, Abernethy M, Koppel J, Davies P, Civan M M, Chaudhari N, Matsumoto I, Hellekant G, Tordoff MG, Marambaud P, Foskett JK. CALHM1 ion channel mediates purinergic neurotransmission of sweet, bitter and umami tastes. Nature 495; 223-226, 2013.
11.Taruno A, Ohmori H, Kuba H. Inhibition of presynaptic Na+/K+-ATPase reduces readily releasable pool size at the avian end-bulb of Held synapse. Neurosci Res 72; 117-128, 2012.
12.Taruno A, Marunaka Y. Analysis of blocker-labeled channels reveals the dependence of recycling rates of ENaC on the total amount of recycled channels. Cell Physiol Biochem 26; 925-934, 2010.
13.Taruno A, Niisato N, Marunaka Y. Intracellular calcium plays a role as the second messenger of hypotonic stress in gene regulation of SGK1 and ENaC in renal epithelial A6 cells. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 294; F177-186, 2008.
14. Taruno A, Niisato N, Marunaka Y. Hypotonicity stimulates renal epithelial sodium transport by activating JNK via receptor tyrosine kinases. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 293; F128-138, 2007.

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602-8566 Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Kajii-cho,
Kawaramachi-Hirokoji, JAPAN